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Amarilin Alamo, a certified tour guide, and her husband, Néstor Martnez, founded Island Kayaking Adventures (IKA) in 1998 to share their love of nature and Fajardo's unique environmental characteristics, such as the bioluminescent bay/lagoon known as Laguna Grande.

Now, his son Néstor Martinez Jr., a certified tour guide, and his family are proud to carry on their parent's legacy by showing their guests the island's natural wonders.

Furthermore, their combined expertise in Marine Biology, First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), lifeguarding, and swimming enables these guides to take visitors beyond adventures, educating them about their surroundings and creating life-changing experiences.

For the past 20 years, Island Kayaking Adventure has run tours for visitors worldwide. We are dedicated to providing the best experience possible while also being environmentally conscious. Our tours are certified and endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

We've also had the pleasure of welcoming a professional staff that has become a part of the family over the years.

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IKA’s team manages an average of 600 adventures a year and has a solid commitment to providing the finest experience possible while being responsible for the environment. Our tours are certified and endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

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Glowing Bay Adventure

Glowing Bay Adventure

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